5 Steps to Onsite Registration Mayhem

One of the biggest pain points of any event is registration and ticketing. It’s often your guests’ very first impression of your company and the day or evening you have planned for them.

Mayhem is what we know how to avoid at our clients’ events. If you’ve seen the Allstate commercials, you know that Mayhem is not your friend.

But if you want stressed out, cranky attendees who have a bad impression before your event has even begun, be sure you follow these simple steps:

  1. Have only one person who know what’s going on – ooh, and make sure that person is tied up with the caterer, or setting out signage, or holding the CEO’s hand before she goes on stage!
  2. Staff registration with untrained volunteers or staff – after all, they are free labor, and they don’t really need to do anything but check names off a list, right?
  3. Print name badges at 2 am the day of the event, and don’t proofread – It’s amazing what can happen with spelling, alignment and layout between typing a name and the finished product. Murphy’s Law says things are guaranteed to go wrong if you wait until the last minute. When your attendee picks up her badge and her name is spelled wrong, you can easily quadruple the amount of time she’ll spend before she gets past the front door. Things get really interesting when this happens to a large percentage of your attendees.
  4. Treat speakers, press or other important people just like everyone else
  5. Keep online registration open right up until event – See “print name badges at 2 am”!!

Coming up, 5 Steps to Registration Zen

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