Harnessing Social Media to Get Attendees in Seats

We’re always on the lookout for techniques and tricks to share with clients to drive attendance at their events.

We loved this article from Social Media Examiner about 15 Ways to Bring Social Media to Events. Ekaterina Walter did a great job of sharing real examples from SXSW, TedX and others about promoting and building event buzz through twitter, facebook and more.

Tip #6 is a standout – Collect all of your speakers’ blogs in one place. Walter writes:

How do you keep your attendees up to date with all your speakers’ news, whether before, during or after the event? With Netvibes, you can use the RSS feeds from their blogs to create a dashboard of all their latest posts.

Netvibes can also be used to round up Twitter conversations, which is particularly useful at large events if there are several different hashtags being used.

This gets a big thumbs up from us. Not only does it let you and your team see what your speakers are up to, so that you can cross-promote them in the lead-up to the conference, it also lets your attendees follow a twitter or netvibes list that you create, giving you an opportunity to serve as an industry hub and subject matter expert in the process.

Better yet, how about offering all of your speakers a discount code that they can share far and wide?

Read the whole post from Social Media Examiner here.

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