Event Planner Toolkit – Part 1 of 3: Technology & Office Supplies

Event Planner Toolkit – Part 1 of 3: Technology & Office Supplies

When going onsite, we always remember to pack our super-human-problem-solving-smarts. But for the rest of the stuff, we need an event checklist to gather it all up. Here’s a partial list of the event planner tools, technology, office supplies, toiletries and goodies we make sure to bring to our conferences and celebrations.


  • Printer
  • iPod speakers
  • iPhone charger and lightning converter
  • iPhones (does this need to be said? Well, put it on your checklist so you don’t leave it on the nightstand when you head out the door at 5 am!)
  • Laptop – a back up for the main stage
  • Extension cords
  • Power strips
  • Thumb drive

Office Supplies

  • Clipboards. The more the better
  • A fishbowl for collecting business cards for raffles or other drawings
  • Attractive, small baskets or boxes (useful for keeping your registration desk tidy, collecting evaluations and nametag holders after the event)
  • Life’s little essentials like staplers, staples, scotch tape, pens, paper clips, post-its, small notepads
  • Printer paper in assorted colors
  • Some basic signs (This Way, Open, Registration, Shhhhhh…)
  • Sharpie markers (worthy of a whole post unto themselves, Sharpie markers are lifesavers!)
  • Fedex and/or UPS blank return slips
  • And things we no longer pack are calculators, disposable cameras, a stopwatch or a timer – no longer necessary with smartphones

We know we’ve proved our value the moment our client or an attendee wishes he or she had a thumb drive or desperately needs a lint roller – and we hand one right over!

What’s in your event toolkit? Tell us – tweet us (@paigembuck and @maggiebraff)

Part two of three coming up… Lists and Documents & Personal Essentials

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