Event Planner Toolkit – Part 3 of 3: Event Planner Trade Secrets Revealed

We are almost packed and ready to go onsite…

We’ve been sharing with you a peek at the event planner toolkit we take onsite to our clients’ events. We’ve shown you the technology and office supplies we pack, plus the useful lists, documents, and personal essentials. Here’s the final list, plus a downloadable pdf with all three posts compiled into one checklist.

  • Gaffers’ tape
  • Painters’ tape
  • Measuring tape
  • Black card stock arrows (We have these cut to an attractive template that looks professional – not like a grade school craft project. We bring 5-10 onsite and affix them to foam core boards to create directional signs that can be repositioned easily.)
  • Plexiglass sign holders (Slip in an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper to showcase drawings, WiFi login info, the event hashtag, you name it)
  • Velcro (great for affixing arrows to signs you want to reuse)
  • Cardboard easel backs (Make your foam core signs stand up on a tabletop or bar without the added bulk – or cost – of a rented easel)
  • iPod (separate from your iPhone – What are you going to do? Walk away from your phone while it’s serving as the emergency, back up jukebox?)
  • Fast-fold easels (Not as sturdy as the rental kind, but you can never have enough, and for small events we have them just in case)
  • Sidewalk chalk (Outdoor directional signage in a pinch!)

Without a U-Haul, we couldn’t possibly bring all items to every gathering, so we pare and tailor it to each event –

  • Gala? Keep a stash of new hairbrushes on hand and offer one to the mistress of ceremonies and one to the chairwoman before they take the stage!
  • Fundraising luncheon? Don’t forget an iPod for the drab corner of the VIP room!
  • Expo? Bring UPS labels, gaffers’ tape and extra plexiglass table top sign holders!

– you get the idea.

Do you find this list useful? Download the checklist and be an onsite event hero at your next conference, gala or celebration. What’s in your toolkit?

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