Events Onsite: Clever and Creative Uses for Sharpies

We are Kennedy Events and we are Sharpie-holics.

We admit we have a problem. We have been known to bring 20-30 Sharpies to an event, and then hide them from volunteers and crew. We’ve glared at attendees who unknowingly walked off with them. We admit to hording them (particularly the bright colored ones). We are even printing our logo on our next batch of them in the hopes of preventing an “accidental” walk-off with one of these prized writing instruments.

And we’re not the only big fans of Sharpie® markers. In fact, they even have their own blog and numerous Pinterest boards paying homage to the fun you can have with Sharpies.

You may be asking yourself, “What’s all the fuss?” Well, we worship them because they are super duper handy! They are, in fact, wonder tools.

Here are just a few things we do with them when we’re onsite at events, and some other fun ideas from fellow Sharpie-holics:

  • Cover nicks and scratches in rental furniture so it looks like new
  • Hand write signs or directional arrows
  • Touch up the toes or heels of your shoes when they get scuffed
  • Hand write name tags for walk-in guests
  • Write notes large enough to be seen from the back of the room and hold them up on a clipboard. Such as, to the speaker:
    Mention the Raffle!
  • Write your name on your paper cup or water bottle
  • Prep piles of materials for different parts of the conference
  • In the staff office, for a multi-day meeting or conference, mark things as “Save” or “Not trash” so the maintenance crew knows what to keep and what to throw away
  • Give yourself a fun last-minute manicure – your clients will know you’re calm and collected when it looks like you had time for a spa day just before the big gala (disclaimer: we have not tried this one yet, though we’re guessing a Sharpie manicure looks far prettier than the White-Out nail treatments of years past)

Are you a Sharpie-holic? What are your favorite uses? Tweet Paige or Maggie and tell us!

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