Bringing it All Together…

Over 13 years ago, I started using the tagline “bringing it all together” to describe the satisfaction I get from juggling all the details of an event, and we still use it as our Kennedy Events slogan today. It reminds me of the goal that started it all: to create events with a positive impact. Every event is an opportunity for great results, whether it’s fundraising for worthy causes, educating on industry issues, or connecting employees to their companies and each other.

Taglines are an opportunity for companies to create a memorable phrase that sums up the kind of service or product they sell. But it must be short. Think of it as a sort of elevator pitch in which you only have a quick opportunity to make your audience remember you. When done correctly, a thoughtfully developed tagline can build brand trust and loyalty.

Don’t believe me? How many of these brands can you identify simply by reading their famous taglines?

Behold the power of cheese

The fabric of our lives

We bring good things to life

The best a man can get

Where’s the beef?

All the news that’s fit to print

Just do it

These slogans have endured the test of time and have become synonymous with their company or product. If you haven’t come up with a slogan that captures the heart of your brand, consider adopting one.

Need help coming up with one? Start with this recent Inc Magazine article in which 10 successful entrepreneurs were interviewed and asked to share their tips on making a tagline resonate (hint: the overwhelming majority remind us to keep them short!).


(Answers: American Dairy Association, Cotton Incorporated, General Electric, Gillette, Wendy’s, The New York Times, Nike)

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