We Flock to the Hip Chicks

Recently we produced the Invest in Dreams Breakfast, a fundraiser to support Working Solutions, a locally focused micro lending nonprofit. The breakfast honored three San Francisco Bay Area businesses that are supporting local jobs, growth, and community.

Award winners Hip Chick Farms, an organic frozen foods producer, is run by Jen and Serafina Johnson, two passionate, funny, women who have turned Jen’s professional cooking, some chickens, and a Sebastopol farm into a delicious and profitable business. In a very short time they’ve gone from zero to major Safeway distribution and a one million private investment. Where before they couldn’t qualify for a bank loan, now they have suitors lining up to lend them money to grow.

As two female entrepreneurs, we flocked right to them. We wish they could mentor and guide us as we grow Kennedy Events. But we were happy to bask in the glow of their enthusiasm and the success that Working Solutions’ investment helped bring to them.

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