Do You Have Your Fall Event Team in Place?

The following is a Public Service Announcement:

Do you, or someone you know and love, plan to hold an event this fall?

Do you have your event team in place? More specifically, have you taken the crucial steps of:

  1. securing a venue?
  2. securing a date (1 and 2 are inseparable — don’t try to pick a date that works for you and forget that you are subject to venue availability!)?
  3. setting a budget that, at minimum, outlines the most important components such as the venue, audio visual equipment and labor, catering, marketing outreach, as well as reliable income from sponsors and ticket sales)?
  4. identifying who will manage the laundry list of logistics required to make the even a success?

We hate to scare you, but the clock is ticking. Our San Francisco, LA and New York economies are strong, venues are in demand, and service prices are rising.

For a sense of what an event lifecycle can look like, we have six large events we are producing — an educational retreat, a tech summit, a tech expo and conference, a major cultural fair, a multi-day legal conference, and a private media event — between September and November, and they most have been in the works since before March. All but one has a their venue, budget and major planning timelines in place.

For help understanding what an event plan could look like for your next event, and advice on how to produce a successful event without losing your sanity, touch base with us.

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