Our 15 Favorite Public Speaking Tips (No More Performance Anxiety)

It’s conference season time again, and it seems fitting to share a handy guide to useful public speaking tips. These are the REALLY good ones, and even a TED Talk pro or your “I’ve already had media training” CEO will find something in them to refresh and hone her skills.

Download this pdf of our favorite public speaking tips and share it with your presenters before they go on stage at your conference, summit or symposium. It includes tips we’ve culled from sources like Guy Kawasaki, LifeHack.org, and Entrepreneur such as:

– Breathe In, Not Out
– The “10 20 30 Rule of PowerPoint”
– The Audience is Afraid of Q&A
– Walk The Line
– Don’t Apologize

For more practical tools and tips you and your event planning team can put to use to make your event polished and professional, check out post-event steps to prepare in advance and get the basics of killer nametags.

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