Live Journalism. What does that even mean?

Live Journalism

We would have been asking the same question just a few years ago.  But after more than four years planning these stage events, we are big fans.

Here’s how I’d describe live journalism: Imagine bringing the best of journalism on stage – fascinating interviews, rich visuals, humor, history, personal stories… and preforming it on stage for 90 minutes or so. No actors. Just journalists, artists, documentarians, and tastemakers sharing. For an even better description and lots more reading, try this beautiful long-form article from Nieman Story Board about the rise of live journalism as an entertainment and education experience, and as a brand builder for media outlets.

More than four years ago, the brilliant team behind Pop-Magazine hired us to manage myriad behind-the-scenes details for their live journalism issues. 

If you live in San Francisco, you’ve probably heard of Pop-Up, and this fall they are taking the show on the road with a six city tour. Pop-Up is such a phenomenon that 2,600 tickets at the Davies Symphony Hall sell out in minutes.  The expanded lineup is making this gem more accessible — in a city near you — but it’s still so popular that the Brooklyn show sold out in about an hour. So make sure to sign up for their alerts here so you don’t miss out. 

Most recently we were hired by, which “deliver[ed] a unique mix of news, pop culture, and comedy content that is both smart and irreverent,” to launch their live events about the Real Future. We brought the premier Live Episode to Los Angeles this past July. The “Real Future of Romance” had emoji love, a very intimate interview with Lea Thau of the Stranger about why her past relationships didn’t work out, and even teledildonics (oh my!). My favorite was the dating game, with 70s decor and a robot contestant – who did not win, but didn’t take it too personally. 

Our team scouted LA for the best venues, hired the Los Angeles Theater Center and coordinated all technical, front of house, and bar service needs, hired the DJ, managed the event ticketing, VIP and ticket announcement timing, and made sure the whole show ran smoothly, whether as stage manager and hands, or checking in guests. Check out photos from the show:


Next up, Fusion will be in Brooklyn Monday, Sept 14 at BRIC Arts for the next installment of Fusion’s Real Future – the Future of Deceit. In their own words…

From catfishing to fakecations, our lives online are often far from the truth, but does technology ultimately make it easier or more difficult for us to lie? The Real Future of Deceit will look at the intersection between technology and our human compulsion to deceive. From apps that detect your mood in real time, giving you feedback on emotions we might prefer to mask, to the ins and outs of faking an online business, expect in-depth reporting and interactive stage magic in our own unique blend of live journalism. Hosted by Fusion’s Editor in Chief Alexis Madrigal, with a reception to follow, the whole Real Future team looks forward to meeting you!

Tickets available here. And stay posted for updates on the next stop on Fusion’s Real Future tour.

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