[Introducing] The Ripple Effect Series

Ripple Effects

ripple effect


a spreading effect or series of consequences caused by a single action or event.

The Devil in the (Event Planning) Details

This is the inaugural post of what we’ve titled the “Ripple Effect Series.”

When you witness scores of events in a year, as we do—whether as a producer, conference attendee, or invitee—you get accustomed to zooming in on the little details, like that beautiful cheese board where the cheese hasn’t been pre-cut, discouraging guests from diving in. Or, when the hostess has no surfaces or insufficient staff, and guests awkwardly clutch crumpled napkins or toothpicks, unable to fully engage in conversations for fear of making a faux pas.

Perhaps you’ve been that guest. Maybe you’ve hesitated over that heavenly looking triple cream, but didn’t want to be the first to cut it with a knife for fear of looking as ravenous as you feel.

Bottom Line . . . Details Matter!

As your event planners, you better bet we pay attention to the details – what some may see as the minutia. The Kennedy Events Team is equipped with decades of intrinsic and cumulative knowledge that aids us in shaping those details into seamless, meaningful, and striking experiences for your conference or gala attendees.

You hired us as your event planners to free you up to think about various other aspects of building your brand and business. So you are privy to details that in turn have an effect on the event. Whatever comes along… for example, a new product launch your engineers will be slaving over the same day as the event, a script change for your CEO, a new VIP, a reporter who’s going to pop by for a minute…It may seem inconsequential when compared with the massive BOULDER that is your upcoming event, but we want to know about it.

All of these details have ripple effects.

  • Those engineers may be onsite for product demos, but they need a place to do their work and it better not be the speaker green room!
  • That reporter who’s stopping by…Who’s greeting her and getting her hooked up with your PR firm?
  • That script change…Is it going to cause a mad dash for your demo booth, and should we shift resources so you’re fully staffed up there?

When your event planners are informed we will make sure that you get the most bang for your buck and ensure all the ripple effects are positive.

So, with that introduction, here’s a short story to illustrate my point!

Caught In The Nick Of Time

At the Rich Data Summit, guests were each to receive a best-selling book by Keynote Nate Silver (the guy who successfully predicted the 2008 and 2012 elections when everyone else was calling them against Obama – nerd crush, anyone!?!) Except CrowdFlower, the conference hosts and our clients, hadn’t mentioned this to us until event load-in.

As their staff were setting up the registration counters – gorgeous, branded registration counters, the first thing attendees were to see when they walked in – we notice it was getting more than a little cluttered.

While they unloaded we had a vision of what check-in would look like. Stacks of books, rows of stainless steel branded flasks threatening to tip over like dominoes if an errant elbow struck, zero room to hand across nametags, and…the lovely rear ends of the staff as they turned to fetch more books from boxes behind them.

Dear Lord!

Our event producer, Shelly swiftly intervened and suggested we switch up the plan. “Stop unpacking those books, please!” Said Shelly. “Let’s put the books on chairs in the keynote, with more distributed at exits, and nice tidy sets on offer in the press and green rooms.”

Ahhh…that was more like it. Chaos and clutter averted.

The Conclusion? Details Are Everything When it Comes to Events

So, there you go. Little things – like books and where to distribute them, can have big ripple effects, like spoiling your guests’ first impression of your conference. But if you keep us informed, we will factor it into the plan and ensure things go off without a hitch.

Stay tuned for more in our Ripple Effect Series. Next time, we’ll tell you about the time we invited some (pretty hunky) sailors to crash our client’s party!

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