This Will Cure Your (Post-Event) Hangover

This Will Cure Your (Post-Event) Hangover

I joke about “post-event hangovers” — It’s that exhaustion that comes after your conference or product launch. Inertia sets in just when you need to get out the thank you notes, debrief on successes, get re-commitments from sponsors, and leverage your content into new business opportunities. When you add in all the work that has been pushed aside to make space for the urgent work of event planning, it’s little wonder that it can feel impossible to motivate to get this stuff done.

I don’t have a magic cure for post-event hangovers, but we can acknowledge the problem and recommend preparing and queuing up as much of the work as possible. Here are some ideas for things you can and should do BEFORE your next event, so that the post-event tasks can be as straightforward as hitting send:

  • Notify vendors that you need invoices for balances due to be sent no later than two weeks after the event.
  • Keep your miscellaneous receipts in Shoeboxed (or one envelope, if you’re old school) so it doesn’t take you a year and a day to submit for reimbursement for your parking, meal, and coffee you bought for a keynote.
  • Write individual event sponsor thank you emails with a pitch for locking in an early rate for next year’s event. Cue them up to go out from your CEO.
  • Write other thank you notes to volunteers, speakers, your colleagues, and your vendors and cue them up the same way.
  • Make an editorial calendar for your blog, newsletter, and social media channels slating in the insights you foresee will come out of your conference OR, if it’s a one-off gala or launch, write the one blog post with placeholders for quotations, a fundraising update, and photos.
  • Schedule an in-person debrief meeting with ALL the stakeholders for five to seven days after the event. The next day and the day after that are TOO soon, and further out invites amnesia.
  • Notify internal teams about when the event photographer will have images ready, so no one is breathing down your neck.
  • Plan a day off immediately after the event. Take it. Honor it. Sleep, breathe, get a massage or take a yoga class, and get some sunlight.

At Kennedy Events, we build these practices into our event timelines, and we check in on progress along the way. Also, while we wish we could take the massage for you, we CAN and DO manage each of these other elements for our clients.

Do you have a conference, gala, fundraiser, or strategic meeting on the horizon? It’s not too late to get help with your fall or winter event! Contact us for a free consultation.

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