Better Than Surveys! Interactive Event Feedback

Better Than Surveys! Interactive Event Feedback

Occasionally, an article surfaces offering event planning advice or food-for-thought that leaves us savoring its morsels of wisdom. We recently came across such an article from EventMB, 5 Interactive Ways To Get Real-Time Event Feedback, written by James Morgan, that recognizes the value of real-time event feedback. Much like the author, Kennedy Events is big fans of techniques that glean real-time sensory feedback.


We have distributed postcards at conferences and encouraged participants to fill in the blank on a sentence (e.g., “I was excited to learn…” “When I get back to the office, I’m going to…”) and then display the cards on a bulletin board for others to read and ponder.


Another real-time feedback tool we employ is a “human spectrogram,” sometimes called 2-dimensional polling, where we get participants on their feet, ask a question or make a statement, then have them line up along a wall to express where they ‘land’ on the question (e.g., “The weather in San Francisco is perfect today. Stand at that end of the room if you strongly agree, over there if you strongly disagree, the middle if neutral. You’ll have to talk to one another to see where you are in relationship to one another. Now go.”)


Once attendees have tried this and have the hang of the technique, our clients can put subject-relevant questions to them. For instance, at a technology training, the presenter might ask, “I can see a clear path to implementing this new technology in our workplace — strongly agree, or strongly disagree?” and the have an open group discussion about attendees’ thoughts, concerns, and hurdles to overcome.


Unlike mobile apps and digital surveys, live, interactive techniques can capture emotions and impressions – invaluable feedback for organizers – that are still being felt and oftentimes can capture the ‘buzz’ of the event.

Morgan explains:

“Whilst you are in the planning stages of your event, you should already be thinking about how you are going to get feedback on the effectiveness of your event design. Particular questions run through your mind.  Is my survey going to get many responses? Will it be constructive criticism? Will attendees remember the bad bits more clearly than the good bits? Or, how can my survey gauge the emotional response to my event? All these sorts of questions are common, but what if there was another way? A more creative and inspired way to collect feedback!”

Morgan lists 5 techniques with titles like “The Cupcake Method” and the “Emoji Exit Strategy”. The names along make us want to employ them now. Read the full article, 5 Interactive Ways To Get Real-Time Event Feedback, on the EventMB website.

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