How we’re resisting & coping

Everything Is Not Alright

Our world feels a mess right now. We are strongly opposed and deeply saddened by the ban on Muslim immigrants and refugees from the poorest countries in the world. It’s hard not to feel helpless in times like this. We’ve marched, we’ve called our senators, we’ve signed on to petitions, and we will continue to vocalize our disapproval and dismay of the choices of our president.

To allay some of our feelings of helplessness, Kennedy Events has made $500 donations each to the American Civil Liberties Union, the Anti-Defamation League, and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Please join us in showing your opposition to the vitriol and bigotry coming from our country’s executive branch by making a donation of your own.

What We’re Reading

In need of some distraction – after all, we need something besides just taking the San Francisco conference industry by storm and participating in the #resistance – we’ve been tearing through books lately!

Maggie has been devouring Alexander McCall Smith’s The No. One Ladies’ Detective Agency series. She’s read three of the books in January alone. The lively, lovely characters and the short story format keeps you zipping through the pages and forgetting the world outside.

After seeing Lindy West’s performance in  Pop-Up Magazine Spring 2017, I have been waiting for the release of Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman. I finally got it from the library and couldn’t put it down. It’s eye opening, funny, loving and smart. In one chapter, Lindy tells how she took down a hero of mine (and a good friend of hers), Dan Savage, for fat-shaming rhetoric that he couldn’t seem to understand was as bigoted as the views of others he works to eliminate. I came away from the story appreciating that Dan isn’t perfect and he has blind spots in his liberal worldview, just like the rest of us.

We’re curious.  What organizations have you supported either recently or in the past?  (Remember, any contribution is a step in the right direction.)  What books, blogs or scholarly articles are you reading to escape from reality?  Please leave comments below to engage & enlighten us.

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