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  • Craigslist Foundation Boot Camp

    Craigslist Foundation craved active & engaged attendees. We produced an “Un-Conference” that turned session formats on their heads.


    Active & engaged attendees


    Keep your audience engaged


    Host an “Un-Conference”


    Numerous “Aha!” moments


    When Craigslist Foundation held a community building conference, they wanted full audience participation. Hosting a room full of nonprofit leaders from a variety of backgrounds meant a great opportunity for growth and sharing. Craigslist Foundation didn’t want to wait till the Q&A to hear from their attendees; they wanted full engagement from the start.

    An “Un-Conference” format effectively turns the entire presenter/listener format on its head. Before the event even started, we engaged attendees in a crowdsourcing game to understand their needs and goals. Their feedback actually determined the content and direction of the sessions.  We also created formats that maximized attendee participation, from roundtable discussions to Action Labs that helped attendees make connections and share insight.

    The Boot Camp was a huge success. In addition to generating numerous “Aha!” moments, attendees reported developing meaningful community as well as a deeper understanding of the issues that impact their community.


    I saw Paige do amazing work at the Boot Camp she organized for the Craigslist Foundation. She takes a smart, forward-looking approach to content management, and that alone makes her one of the most effective meeting planners we’ve ever seen in the 3,000+ conferences we’ve documented. – Mitchell Beer, CEO, Conference Publishers Inc.

    Paige had structured Boot Camp sessions so that the speaker encouraged discussion and feedback from the workshop participants. It changed the entire tone because people were able to ask tactical ‘how did you set this up?’ questions that they really wanted to know. – Leila Adell, founder, Picnic Dash Productions

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    photo credits: Jon Bauer
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