• Mayfield Fund Annual Celebration

    Come up with a way to set our client’s night apart from the crowded Silicon Valley holiday circuit through creative calendaring and intense design intervention.


    Plan an event celebrating California’s entrepreneurship


    Set the celebration apart from competing events


    Strategically select an event date and use décor as a wow factor


    We made the client’s mark well ahead of the competition

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    By conducting the event in September rather than December, our client was able to stand out from a very crowded holiday party season. The timing was praised by attendees who appreciated an early fall event date.

    The client, a well-established and respected Venture Capital Firm, chose a theme of California Entrepreneurial Spirit, a nod to all the companies they have helped launch. While the client selected a pretty and conveniently located country club for the celebration, the lodge-type décor lacked excitement. It was going to be a challenge to make this room represent their fresh and exciting theme. But armed with our designer Jesse Dimond’s talents, ladders, greenery and hundreds of props, we were able to transform the venue from ho-hum to wow. To anchor the spacious and empty room, we creatively arranged high-backed chairs to encourage socializing and added an oversized centerpiece in the middle. To disguise the existing chandeliers and to raise the guests’ eyes, we hung dozens of colorful paper Chinese lanterns from the ceiling. To soften the edges, we placed more than 40 Japanese maples around the room. The sleek white bars were lit up with LED lights to give a contemporary feel.

    In a final nod to the “Entrepreneurial Spirit” theme of the night, we showcased each of the local food entrepreneurs who contributed to the evening’s menu items, placing signs around the room telling the farmers’ stories.

    Photo credit: Alex Stack
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