• Maggie square e

    Maggie Kennedy

    Founder & Chief Everything Officer

    Even after so many years of producing events, Maggie Kennedy still feels a surge of excitement leading up to and on the Big Day. “Most people are intimidated by all the energy and details that go into a great event, but I’m in my element. It’s almost like playing chess while zipping around on roller blades; […]

  • Paige

    Paige Miller Buck

    Partner & Chief Strategy Officer

    As someone who thrives on using technology to build community, Paige Buck loves helping her clients plug in to the latest social media and mobile tools. “It’s easier than ever to quickly figure out what your audience needs and wants from your event. Having this kind of input makes all the difference between creating an event that […]

  • Jessica GW

    Jessica Gulley-Ward

    Operations Manager

    Jessica loves to plan, produce, and juggle logistics because, as she sees it, the little things are the big things. Forever fiercely organized and ridiculously proactive, Jessica’s desk is laden with multi-colored manila folders, Post-it notes and her ideal date night is an hour at the local office supply store. Being an integral part of a well-run system that executes an […]

  • Scott P.


    Scott is a freelance producer with a broad skills set which Kennedy Events calls on for some of our bigger projects. When not busy as a visual artist, Scott produces events, conferences, film and photography shoots, design projects and even software ventures from time to time. Scott steps nimbly in and out of projects for […]

  • SKPhoto

    Shelly Kim


    In the realm of event planning there’s no such thing as being over-prepared. For this reason, Shelly Kim always has a backup plan, then a backup plan for her backup plan, ready in her fanny pack. Shelly’s can-do attitude and determination shine through her work in event planning. Referred to the Kennedy Events as a “registration […]

  • Marianne Jackson

    Event Producer & Business Development

    Marianne channelled an early obsession with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers into a fascination for all things ‘party-related’.  By the age of 10, she could be found fastidiously planning not only her birthday parties, but also those of her friends and family members.  She’d spend months in advance sorting out the details from the menu, […]

  • Malia headshot

    Malia Stevens


    There is nothing Malia Stevens likes more than providing her clients with the right leadership and tools to create the perfect end result. “Producing events means understanding what is most important to each client and that answer is never the same. I love helping people first envision and then create their perfect end result”. Malia […]

  • Jonny Dones

    Event Coordinator

    There is nothing in this world that excites Jonny more than (1) fresh batch of books, (2) pretty notebooks worthy of a spot at a museum, (3) shoes, and (4) where to travel next. When she’s not busy with the aforementioned, she works.  She had spent the last 19 years working her way around the […]