Jessica GW

Jessica Gulley-Ward

Operations Manager

Jessica loves to plan, produce, and juggle logistics because, as she sees it, the little things are the big things. Forever fiercely organized and ridiculously proactive, Jessica’s desk is laden with multi-colored manila folders, Post-it notes and her ideal date night is an hour at the local office supply store. Being an integral part of a well-run system that executes an event, and watching it come to life before her eyes, excites Jessica more than fireworks on the 4th of July!

With over 14 years of event and program management experience in higher education, the greatest joy in planning events for Jessica is, by far, the team camaraderie; however, watching the event take on a life of its own is equally intoxicating. Jessica is also deeply passionate about working with entrepreneurs who are seeking help to get out from underneath the business they have, in order to grow into the business they want. She likes to think of herself as the engine that keeps a business moving while greater pastures are being explored. Speaking of pastures…

People assume that all Vermonters are avid skiers and surrounded by cows.  In Jessica’s world, half of that assumption is true. While she is not a skier (she prefer to watch the snowfall from inside her cozy cottage), she is indeed a farm girl at heart.  

Guilty pleasure: Devouring stove-popped popcorn with real butter (her family owned a popcorn wagon for years; spoiler alert: white kernels are the secret ingredient), while simultaneously binging on Grey’s Anatomy re-runs.

Not-so secret superpower: She is a multi-tasking-maven with an M.Ed in Administration and Supervision.  

Best local getaway: Portsmouth, New Hampshire on a gorgeous summer day.

Regular weekend activity: A trip to the farmers market followed by a glass of wine, promising a successful week ahead.

Go-to app: Alarmed! Because sometimes, you need a rooster crowing from your phone to remind you to go for a walk.

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