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Maggie Kennedy

Founder & Chief Everything Officer

Even after so many years of producing events, Maggie Kennedy still feels a surge of excitement leading up to and on the Big Day. “Most people are intimidated by all the energy and details that go into a great event, but I’m in my element. It’s almost like playing chess while zipping around on roller blades; it’s so much easier if you think several moves ahead. I love making it all come together.”

Having Maggie in your corner not only makes any event possible, it makes your life easier. “I’m there to help you make it all happen,” says Maggie Kennedy, founder of Kennedy Events. “This is the most high profile project you and your organization have. I’m going to make you look great.”

Since 1998, Maggie has been producing professional conferences, fundraisers and galas with a personal touch. “I want people to be talking about your event long after it’s over. Because ultimately, this is about more than entertaining,  instructing or feeding a large crowd; it’s about creating an event that helps your organization grow.”

Maggie has created lively, informative and interactive events for a range of nonprofits and businesses, including the United Way, UCSF, Kaiser Permanente, the Oakland Museum and Make a Wish Foundation. A recognized leader in the industry, Maggie has also taught the ins and outs of successful event planning and fundraising at the Association of Fundraising Professionals and at the Business Arts Council.

Farthest she’s biked: 545 miles in six days. “The SF AIDS ride changed my life.

Quickest icebreaker: Fun nametag questions, like “When do you predict there will be a female president?” or What was your first job?”

Best local getaway: Santa Cruz.  Where else can you squeeze in a roller coaster, walk in the redwoods and have a glass of wine by candlelight all in one day?

Most awkward team building exercise: Three-legged races.

Go-to app: FML, “for a dose of schadenfreude!”

Not-so secret superpower:  Keeping chaos at bay. “When clients notice you’re one step ahead of the program, they can relax and enjoy the ride.”

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