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Malia Stevens


There is nothing Malia Stevens likes more than providing her clients with the right leadership and tools to create the perfect end result. “Producing events means understanding what is most important to each client and that answer is never the same. I love helping people first envision and then create their perfect end result”.

Malia makes it her business to stay connected to all the top resources in New York City. “New York is an incredible place to produce events because not only do we have access to just about anything, but we are creating events for an audience who may have seen everything so staying ahead of the curve is paramount. Making each event unique ensures your guests will walk away with great memories and looking forward to the next.”

Malia started working with Kennedy Events in 2000 in the San Francisco Bay Area and has been working in New York City for the last 12 years. She has worked closely with hotels, venues, chefs, restaurants and caterers and has produced events as varied as galas for 1600 to book signings for notable CNN correspondents to intimate celebrity celebrations in private homes. She loves being “behind the curtain” and making sure all the pieces are in place as the event unfolds. “Knowing you have all the right vendors in your corner on event day allows you the peace of mind that these professionals are there to execute your vision and that is truly priceless.”

Regular weekend activity: Animal shelter volunteer! My Saturdays belong to the dogs at NYCACC.

Guilty pleasure: Dining out. It’s a tough job staying current on food trends!

Best local getaway: The NorthFork of Long Island. Wineries and farm stands on the ocean ….what more does one need?

Go to app: Damn you Autocorrect- because we all need to laugh so hard we cry.

Not-so secret superpower: Reading between the lines. “I love helping clients identify their goals and top priorities

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