Paige Miller Buck

Partner & Chief Strategy Officer

As someone who thrives on using technology to build community, Paige Buck loves helping her clients plug in to the latest social media and mobile tools. “It’s easier than ever to quickly figure out what your audience needs and wants from your event. Having this kind of input makes all the difference between creating an event that connects people and ending up with a snoozer.”

Paige begins every event, from tech conference to nonprofit gala, with an extensive strategy session. “I’ll help organizations identify their deepest goals,” says Paige. “And then we’ll shake things up to reach them.”

“A ‘nice’ event isn’t good enough,” says Paige Buck. “I want your attendees to love it.” Since 1997, Paige’s high standards and business acumen have helped businesses and nonprofits create events that make an impact. “Professionals have to attend a lot of conferences, galas and retreats – they’ve seen it all.  Our goal is to make it meaningful. Selecting the right format and content is key to keeping everyone engaged.”

Paige produced numerous events for the SF Chamber of Commerce, including the Excellence in Business Awards and CityTrip, an annual expedition that helps business, nonprofit and government leaders seek best practices in selected cities in the US and Canada. In addition to helping businesses create events that deliver, she has taught effective event planning techniques at the Business Arts Council.

Farthest she’s run: 26.2 miles. “The Humboldt Marathon was a big, beautiful, sweaty blur.”

Guilty pleasure: Bacon with any meal, especially salads. “Why do you think I run?”

Best icebreaker activity: “Two truths and a lie” — but only if you’re with a group that’s willing to be a little risqué!

Best local getaway: Russian River. “Being near running water really resets me.”

Go-to app: ShoeBoxed, “for keeping us mostly paperless and tracking expenses.”

Not-so secret superpower: Asking powerful questions. “Expect me to ask ‘what’s keeping you up at night?’ ‘what isn’t working about this?’ ‘how can we be even better for you?’”

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