Scott P.


Scott is a freelance producer with a broad skills set which Kennedy Events calls on for some of our bigger projects. When not busy as a visual artist, Scott produces events, conferences, film and photography shoots, design projects and even software ventures from time to time.

Scott steps nimbly in and out of projects for Kennedy Events, notably for Slow Money, CrowdConf and the CMV Conference.

He often oversees speaker and sponsor management, event design and print needs, contractor and vendor oversight, and is at his finest onsite juggling multiple tasks. “Event days are the best part of working with Kennedy Events. I love being behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly while troubleshooting on the fly.”

Scott has worked with prominent clients such as Zynga and Craigslist Foundation, as well as countless film directors, design studios, photographers and event companies, making sure their projects get done on time and within budget. He holds a Masters degree in photography from the San Francisco Art Institute, has been a Fellow at the Headlands Center for the Arts and regularly exhibits his work nationwide.

Favorite recent art project: Favorite recent art project: Installing a line of red landscaping flags at the US/Mexico border. “Border Patrol helped make this a participatory work of art.”

What he’s researching: Water use history in California. “Geeky, but it explains so much about how this state operates.”

Best local getaway: The camera obscura and Sutro Baths in San Francisco. “Bike out on a sunny day to understand the advent of photography and watch the ocean crash on some rare American ruins.”

Go-to app: Surfline, “Know before you go.”

Not-so secret superpower: Ability to juggle twenty-five things at once and give them all their due diligence. “I can’t help but triple check things, it’s beneficially annoying!”

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