Nine Simple Ideas to Make Your Conference More Memorable


While planning CrowdConf, the leading event for the crowdsourcing industry, we brainstormed this down and dirty list of ideas to make the event more memorable. You can definitely adapt these ideas to all sorts of conferences, meetings and special events.

1. Stage Scenic Design

  • People are going to be staring at your stage for a long time. Make it interesting. Use stock or custom scenic elements to polish the look of the event, visible behind presenters in addition to projection screen
  • Use a plexiglass podium plus contemporary lounge furniture for panel or interview presentations to boost onstage look/feel

2. Improve Your Brand With Signage

  • Boost event signage from foam core on easels to vertical, floor-supported banners or vinyl wall art, with improved space for branding
  • Brand the conference name, mainstage and breakout track names throughout

3. Live Music!

  • Put a priority on live music or a DJ at your cocktail reception. It will take an average affair and make it a memorable one
  • Also play music during breakfast, mainstage arrivals, lunch and breaks. It will give your day an huge boost in energy
  • Hire a DJ to play live bumper music between speakers and during breaks.

4. Morning Live Entertainment

  • Kick off day with a produced, flashmob-feel 3-minute dance and music performance before keynote. Done well, it will be the talk of the town!

5. Boost Food at Meals, Breaks and Receptions

  • Granola and healthful smoothies at breakfast
  • Beer and warm pretzels at afternoon break
  • Logo’d cookies at lunch
  • Box lunch labels with sponsor logo
  • Move beyond box lunches to buffet salad and food-truck inspired bites like Banh Mi, Empanadas, or Pulled Pork Tacos. Or have all of your reception at buffet stations to keep the crowd moving from station to station

6. Boost Post-Conference Video & Editorial Content

  • Mix up your final product to gain more viewers. Split each video up into full-length sessions and several 30-, 60- and 90-second snippets
  • To make the most of your videos, create – and stick to – an editorial schedule to blog about each one. Unsure how to do this, or short on the internal bandwidth to manage this sort of content? Talk to our good friends at Conference Publishers Inc.  They are truly the experts at leveraging content from conferences into year-round social media content.
  • Partner with media or industry sites to share broadly with their audiences

7. Pre-Event Regional Reception

  • Invite sponsors, speakers, VIPs and their clients to a cocktail party several weeks before CrowdConf to generate interest with them, and in turn they will be buzzing about your upcoming event

8. Improved Conference Bag

  • We all have enough of the cheap totes for the grocery store. Raise the bar with a Timbuk2, Rickshaw Bagworks or other locally sourced and sophisticated bag.
  • Brand with conference name and/or top sponsor

9. Memorable Gift Items for Every Participant Hand out gifts throughout the day, including:

  • Track-specific gifts for participants in first session of each track
  • Coffee or travel mugs at breakfast and coffee break
  • Lunchtime gifts at placesettings. Have two or more different items and place a variety on the table – instant conversation starter
  • Raffle or random-winner gifts based on drawing or “golden ticket” at morning keynote
  • Make the gifts memorable, relevant, and optional. Keep a light environmental footprint by refraining from thrusting branded materials on people who don't need or want them - some of us have truly had enough stress toys, tote bags, and branded pens to last the rest of our lives.

Some of these ideas deserve a blog post to themselves, and some are simple and easily implemented. What have you seen that was truly new, different and engaging at the last event you attended?


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