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SABRE Awards


A New York City business awards dinner, the annual Holmes Report’s SABRE Awards showcases the most attention-grabbing campaigns in public relations. It’s a 21st Century take on a “Mad Men” awards banquet (add women and people of color, subtract the cigarettes). Pulling off this event requires stage and food service magic, meticulous scripting, and audio-visual rehearsals.


At Cipriani next to Grand Central, guests were treated to:

  • A digital light show that painted the room in patterns and color

  • Fast-paced announcements of more than 100 award winners; all timed to keep the energy high, the mood celebratory, and the drinks and food flowing

  • “Service a la Francaise;” a style of service where all dishes in a course are brought to the table at once—for more than 800 guests

  • Glamorous victory photos (with trophies!) in front of a “step and repeat” banner


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