Project-Based Project Manager
(Contract position)



  • This is a contract- / project-based position with flexible hours and location, assisting an event planning firm.

  • Hours will vary depending on the project scope and timeline but we estimate the work will vary from 10-30 hours per week, depending on our event cycle.

  • Our team is distributed throughout the country, from East Coast to West Coast, with the majority of our team in the San Francisco Bay Area, including the two owners. 

  • Pay is hourly. Please let us know your desired rate and we will discuss from there. 



Here are a few examples of a Project Manager’s duties at Kennedy Events:

  • Your main job is to own the event. This means you are the one with eyes both on the event and on everyone’s involvement in the process. 

  • You make sure the team (i.e. the client, KE lead partner, and anyone else on the team) knows what is going on, what red flags to watch for, what they personally are responsible for, etc. You must hold everyone accountable to deadlines. The project buck stops with you.

  • You must be able to see around the corners and keep an eye on things ahead.

  • You act as the voice to the client, you are the client’s go-to person. 

  • You prepare agendas for and run weekly calls with the client as well as internal calls with the KE event team.

  • You manage and keep the team on track using Asana, our online project management tool. 

  • You work within Google Suite to create and file all event documents including budget, run of show, milestone documents, etc.

  • You offer guidance and expertise to the client, including but not limited to: budget management, graphic design, spatial design, sponsor and speaker management, A/V, travel, catering, entertainment, fundraising, swag, registration, event apps, and security. 

  • You are responsible for dividing up the work among your KE project team and also for holding them accountable to due dates.

  • You manage the largest, most critical vendors (such as venue, A/V, and catering) when the project isn't large enough to have a substantial #2.

  • You oversee floor plans and spatial design by working with a CAD designer or overseeing a KE team member managing this part of the project.

  • You negotiate contracts with vendors and venues.


  • You have five or more years of experience planning events in a leadership role. 

  • You have experience working with budgets of $500k+.

  • You have experience planning both multi-day and single-day corporate events with multiple load-in and strike days.

  • You are wildly creative, happiest when dreaming up original ways to exceed your client’s vision, and you have a portfolio to prove it.

  • You know how to execute on your creative vision, on time and on budget. 

  • You know all the right vendors to pull it off, and if you don’t, you know how to find them.

  • You have experience negotiating vendor contracts; especially venue, A/V, catering, and rentals.

  • You are personable and have built strong client and vendor relationships in your prior work. 

  • You have a “can do” attitude, a sense of humor, impeccable attention to detail, endless optimism, problem solving skills, excellent written and oral communication skills.

  • You are comfortable with tough conversations. Sometimes this role calls for professional and direct discussions with clients, vendors, etc. You know when it is needed and how to navigate it successfully to get everyone back on track.

  • You are comfortable with and curious about new technology.

  • You have access to your own laptop with WiFi. (We are Mac people, but that’s not required.)

  • You are comfortable speaking up, asking questions, and getting feedback for continual improvement.

  • You are efficient and technically savvy with Google Suite (specifically Documents, Sheets, and Slides), Gmail, and calendaring.

  • You are comfortable learning new technologies and online tools.

  • You know when to put your head down to problem solve and when to ask for help. 

  • You show patience and empathy to your team, vendors, and clients but also know when to play hard ball and keep everyone accountable to deadlines. 

  • You are confident at negotiating and troubleshooting.

  • You acknowledge you can’t be an expert on everything but are resourceful in finding solutions.



  • Being a leader. 

  • Wowing clients with your creative ideas.

  • Being collaborative and solution seeking. 

  • Delegating. 

  • Creating and leading a cohesive, effective team through the event cycle.

  • Keeping up on trends in the industry. You have a curiosity to continue to hone your skills.  

  • Working in your PJs, or your jeans, or your local coffee shop! 

  • Meeting in person with clients, vendors, team mates

  • Being part of a team, even a remote team you only periodically see in person.

  • Constantly learning.



  • We are an event planning firm with an awesome team of professionals who work together year round.

  • We are relationship-driven, meaning we want you to be a great cultural fit.

  • We are dedicated to making things perfect for our clients and fun for us.

  • We are driven perfectionists, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

  • We are producers of conferences and celebrations (awards presentations, fundraising galas, and the occasional company party) with a focus on tech and nonprofit clients. (We don’t do weddings, Sweet 16s, or Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.)

  • We do events in hotel ballrooms, old piers, parks, galleries, wineries and breweries, convention halls, and everything in between.

  • Core Values—We are People People, Solution Seekers, Macro to Micro, Inventive, and Delightful. Are you?

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