Kennedy Events began with one goal in mind — to produce high-level corporate events with just as much strategy as style. Maggie founded the company in 2000, found her match in Paige, and in 2011 the two became official partners.  Since then, these two resourceful and brilliant creatives have pooled their strengths to become among the most sought after corporate event specialists in San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles.


Meet The Owners



Founder & Chief Everything Officer

Maggie founded Kennedy Events in 2000 and has been Chief Everything Officer ever since! She’s a master at keeping clients and her team happy, plus brings the fun to every function. Her days are filled with things like logistics, sales, and, of course, putting her 20+ years of creative event strategy to work. She likes a life filled with adventure, and when that’s not happening in a ballroom, she’s found that on a 600+ mile bike ride to LA, on hikes in the Himalayas, and under the stars in an Indian desert. The world beckons, but nothing beats coming home to the Bay Area, and her two kids, fiance, and spunky cat.


Partner & Chief Strategy Officer

Paige has been herding cats, err, masterminding details for more than 20 years, and been partner at KE since 2011. As a natural in front of and behind the scenes, she discovered her talent for coordinating large productions during her undergrad theatre days. Paige is an East-coast native, but made her mark on the Bay Area nonprofit and tech scene with her mad logistical and fundraising skills. Paige goes sailing on the SF bay every chance she gets, and especially loves when she can bring her pibble pup (the best word around for Pitbull mix). Kennedy Events is lucky to have Paige and her caffeinated smarts on the team!  


The Team

Shelly Kim   Event Producer

Shelly Kim

Event Producer

Shelly is a powerhouse event producer at Kennedy Events, and is perhaps best at slaying the details. That’s right. She doesn’t just check them off the list. She slays them.  As a San Francisco native she knows the best secret event spots in the area, “and the best dog runs. While she currently does not have a dog, as she is allergic to them, it doesn’t stop her from putting them at top of her wish list. Shelly knows how to champion the details, and as project manager, is beloved many of our top clients.


Marianne Jackson

Senior Producer & Creative Director

Marianne specializes in making the client’s biggest design & decor dreams tangible and ensuring that the event day menu is worthy of a Zagat mention (seriously, her taste and culinary connections are that good). When she takes a break from masterminding events she shifts her skills to planning elaborate vacations for herself and Algerian-born husband, whom she married in Tunisia in early 2017.  Her fervor for adventure, cuisine, and aesthetics is visibly apparent in the events she produces.


Malia Stevens

Event Producer

Malia holds down the Kennedy Events fort in New York, scouting venues, meeting with clients, and constantly adding to her rolodex of talented vendors. She’s been executing events for over 20 years, and has been with KE since the very beginning. As a professional dog trainer and volunteer at the NYC shelter system, we know we can always trust Malia to be calm in the chaos of an event, and love that she’s a member of the KE team!


Jessica Gulley-Ward

Logistics Wizard

While the rest of the KE team is pushing the limits of reality at live events, Jessica keeps things running smoothly on the home front, juggling operation logistics like the pro she is. She’s an indispensable part of the team, and makes our day every day with her enthusiasm, and her penchant for saying “YES!” to all our big asks. Home is her favorite place to be, especially when it’s filled with her family and barking ball of fluff, Lucy, a goldendoodle.


Robin Smiley

 Event Producer

Robin has been in charge of events as long as she can remember. She coordinated events during her legal tenure, for nonprofits, and as a freelancer, and eventually found her sweet spot at Kennedy Events. For her, all roads lead to event planning, and it was only a matter of time before Robin joined forces with Kennedy Events to make sure every event is an 11 on a scale of 1-10. Spreadsheets are a lifesaver at work and at home with her three busy kids, but she makes time to step away from the screen to perfect her backhand. (So, Wimbledon, if that’s you calling to hire us, the answer is yes!).

Jonny Dones

Event Coordinator

Jonny loves to crack open a good book (the more classic, the better!) on the weekends she’s not loaning her 12 years of event expertise to the KE team. She’s worked her way up in the hospitality industry in the catering and corporate sectors and is a Jane-of-all-Trades when it comes to events. She’s often putting her planning skills to good use for travels around the world. Next up? New Zealand and Eastern Europe.


Brent Buck

Systems Ninja

Although Brent is mostly behind the scenes working on all things tech and processes, he works on events every once in a while just to keep his skills sharp. He’s been doing IT management longer than he’d care to admit, and much of the time he’s doing it from his floating office (aka sailboat).


 Event Coordinator

Having directed a major donor non-profit travel program for the past seventeen years, Hilary thrives on working through complex logistics while stationary, or on the go. When not planning adventures for others, she enjoys hiking with her husband and two children in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. Hilary has journeyed to more than twenty countries worldwide and held volunteer positions promoting organic farming and collective agriculture. She also enjoys volunteering close to home!


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