Corporate Event Venues Your Guests will Actually Love

Welcome to Part 2 of our series on Kennedy Events’ favorite venues in San Francisco! We love this city (and beyond) and we’re thrilled to share these gems with you. All of these venues have been vetted by our team, so we’re well acquainted with all the quirks and perks of each. We’re experts in planning corporate events, especially in San Francisco, and if you’ve been to any of these fabulous venues, let us know! We hope you love the places on this list as much as we do.

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Maggie KennedyComment
Turning Challenge into Opportunity

At Kennedy Events, we love great event design, but we don’t simply design an event to be beautiful just for the sake of being beautiful. There’s an intense amount of strategy that goes into every detail. If you’ve ever attended our events, you may not have noticed this—and that’s the telltale sign that we’ve done our job well.

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Five Ways to Make Smart Spending Choices, No Matter Your Event Budget

Here at Kennedy Events, we know that even a million dollar event budget has limits. And when hosting an event, you’re faced with limitless options in every facet of the event. So one of our major roles in planning? Helping you make the most strategic use of your budget, no matter the size. =

Today, we’ve pulled together Spend and Splurge options for some of the most common elements of an event, like the food, decor, and entertainment.

How do you decide what you want areas to splurge on?


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What We Wish Our Clients Knew About Event Planning

Spring is upon us, and we couldn’t be more excited about bright blooms being around every corner, and the sun shining through the normally foggy clouds. And of course, it means our inbox is full of inquiries about fall + holiday events. There’s nothing we love more than an all out dash to close out the year, so outfitting an event with strategy and style (and lots of holiday sparkle!) is one of our favorite conversations.

But we’ve noticed questions that nearly alway comes up in that conversation, so today we’re addressing the most commonly asked ones and spilling what we wish all our clients knew about event planning.

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Paige Buck
How to Get Key Stakeholders to Agree on your Event’s Goals

Events are SO much fun (of course we think so!), but we’re proponents of making sure that you’re event is more than pretty. We’re in favor of making sure that the effects of your event are going to last longer than the effects of the open bar will. And that’s where goal setting comes in.

We’ve talked a lot about goal setting on our blog before, from how to achieve your goals strategically before, during, and after an event, but today we’re taking a slightly different approach.

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Paige Buck
The Most Important Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring an Event Manager

It’s only February, but event prep season is coming up (we know, we’re just getting over the holidays too!). It may seem absurd to start planning now, but the year’s best events get planned months in advance, sometimes more than a year in advance.

And the very first step to planning your event (other than  your venue, of course!)?

Finding the perfect event planner.

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