How to get Key Stakeholders to Agree on your Event’s Goals

Events are SO much fun (of course we think so!), but we’re proponents of making sure that you’re event is more than pretty. We’re in favor of making sure that the effects of your event are going to last longer than the effects of the open bar will. And that’s where goal setting comes in.

We’ve talked a lot about goal setting on our blog before, from how to achieve your goals strategically before, during, and after an event, but today we’re taking a slightly different approach.

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Paige Buck
The Most Important Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring an Event Manager

It’s only February, but event prep season is coming up (we know, we’re just getting over the holidays too!). It may seem absurd to start planning now, but the year’s best events get planned months in advance, sometimes more than a year in advance.

And the very first step to planning your event (other than  your venue, of course!)?

Finding the perfect event planner.

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Market Your EventPaige Buck