After producing a successful sales summit in San Francisco, Sales Hacker asked us to tackle a massive New York sales conference with Salesforce as a major collaborator. Sales Machine had massive goals. The hosts needed it be profitable, pay off in leads, and make an impact; despite the saturated field of sales and marketing events.

We devised multiple solutions to meet these goals including:

  • White-glove sponsorship management pre-event and on-site

  • Finding news ways to display high impact branding and signage

  • Carving up 30,000 square feet of venue space into two large theaters, two green rooms, an exhibitor pavilion with fully fabricated and out-of-the-box exhibits, food service, lounging, and networking

  • Badging, scanning, fueling, and entertaining more than 1,200 attendees for 36 hours

We hired KE to uplevel our event experience during its second year. They brought unique ideas to the table and handled multiple changes and pivots with ease. I knew we had succeeded when we received multiple comments complementing the event for being ‘the most organized event I have ever attended.’
— Lola Chenyek, Product Marketing Manager, Sales Cloud Marketing, Salesforce

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