Best Corporate Event Venues in Brooklyn


Welcome to Part 2 of our series on corporate event venues in New York City! Our last post focused on Manhattan, and today we’re crossing the bridge into iconic Brooklyn. We love the creative energy of this borough—it sets the perfect tone for an event that’s all about innovation and thinking outside the box. If you missed it, catch up on Part 1 here

Although most Manhattanites are loath to cross any bridges or use any tunnels, these venues are special enough that we’ve found they can lure even the most anti-river crossing city dweller!


BAM: Brooklyn Academy of Music

The Brooklyn Academy of Music, known locally as BAM, is an iconic Brooklyn institution. We love it for events because of the many theatre options available. A major renovation several years ago put this iconic space on the map for major events, even getting Beyonce and Jay Z involved in publicly supporting the school. We love that you don’t have to use the main stage to host an event there, and even in one of the smaller spaces, you can still get the cache of hosting an event at BAM. 

This would be an ideal space for a major conference with multiple breakout sessions. There’s a variety of aesthetics—some ornate, some contemporary—that make every corner of the space visually appealing. We also love that the building is well signed and well-staffed, making it even easier to navigate for guests lists of all sizes. 


The Green Building

For some iconic brick wall aesthetics in Brooklyn, The Green Building definitely delivers. It has an industrial/rustic-chic charm that we just love, with the added bonus of being a turnkey event rental space. 

Thanks to its grand room and outdoor patio, this venue would be perfect for a single-track conference of about 200 people. It’s across the street from their sister property, 501 Union; for an extra-large event, the two would pair well together. 

On top of the gorgeous aesthetic, this is one of the best-managed venues you could ever think to host an event at. Absolutely every frequently asked question is already answered on their website, and the staff is both accommodating and straightforward. We love that they make our job—and our clients’ lives—easier with their preparedness and thoroughness.



For a modern take on Brooklyn style, we love BRIC. This space has elegant clean lines and lots of glass, which means lots of natural light! The venue is easily accessible from the subway, making it ideal for drawing guests from Manhattan, and it’s perfect for a corporate or brand activation. The ballroom has one of our favorite features: retractable stadium seating. That means that one day of an event could feature conference-like seating for a panel and speaker, while a second day could seat a dinner reception—all in the same space! We love the flexibility. 

Tips for Hosting a Corporate Event in New York

  • Book early! Space is at a premium, so large events requiring flexibility are hard to come by. Many companies that host an annual event have booked it multiple years in advance.  PRO TIP: Many venues offer first right of refusal to returning guests, so building a long-term relationship with a venue can help secure your dates.

  • Remember: Nothing is cheap! While there are venues that offer great value, nothing in this city is cheap. You’ll definitely want to keep that in mind if the budget is tight. 

  • Keep guest list size in mind. Events are incredibly popular here. If you have large attendee goals, it’s essential that your planning is hyper-organized with a long planning window to snag the venue of your choice. However, smaller guest list sizes (200 people or less) give you more flexibility and options for your venue options.

What’s Your Next Event?

We’d love to hear all about it! New York City is like home to us, and we especially love events in the charm and character of Brooklyn. To bend our ear on corporate event strategy or to just tell us about your upcoming event, send us a note. We’d love to hear from you.

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Maggie Kennedy is the co-owner of Kennedy Events; a large-scale event management company based in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City. Our team creates stress-free conferences and events with a positive impact, which allow our clients to resonate with their audience. Kennedy Events specializes in producing flawless product launches, award ceremonies, fundraisers and multi-day conferences while keeping our eye on retention and engagement goals


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