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This strategic planning is the signature mark on all of our events and the heart of what we do. Extend your team’s expertise with us by your side. (We’re delightful AND we bring coffee!) Hand off those to-dos you’ve been dreading and finally check them off your list. Feeling relieved yet?

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OUR Approach

We’ll build plans for your event—with strategic goals and metrics baked in—using our favorite project management app to keep all key players informed and continue moving the project forward. Your event will be organized to the nines, and of course, strategic planning is included with every service we offer. You’ll love the way we work.


  • Timeline and milestone management

  • Budget setting and oversight

  • Full production and contracts

  • Stakeholder engagement


event design + decor


OUR Approach

We’ll transform the venue into the space of your dreams—you’ll be surprised at what we can make happen. Give us your biggest challenges. We love saying yes and getting creative!

what we do

  • Turn plain rooms into spectacular showcases

  • Set-up dramatic spaces, like tents the size of football fields

  • Give your brand lots of bang for your buck

  • Select furnishings, manage custom fabricated stage sets, recommend logo treatments that showcase your brand


online event registration


Our approach

You know the event you want to have, but the logistics of getting everyone through the door is daunting. Not to worry. We’ve done this more than a few times—and we’ve already worked out the kinks.

What we do

  • Build and manage registration systems

  • Recommend and select appropriate software

  • Provide reports, codes, links, etc.

  • Manage onsite registration—without a single attendee ever standing in line


Audio Visual & Stage Management


our approach

Have you ever heard the saying “you only notice stage lighting if it’s bad”?  We make sure the A/V for your event works so seamlessly no one notices it, and the talented speakers with compelling presentations are the ones that shine. We’ll coordinate an A/V system so flawless it elicits feedback only from people, not the sound equipment.  


what we do

  • Select best vendors who offer competitive bids

  • Create a flawless stage experience for your attendees and speakers

  • Provide green room and speaker concierge services with white glove treatment for keynotes and panelists

  • Leave no need unaddressed; whether confidence monitors for presenters, digital sign displays, or wifi for guests


Event Technology


OUR Approach

If you’re flummoxed by the difference between QR codes and RFID or if you can’t decide if you simply must have AR at your event, we can clue you in and handle it effortlessly for you.

What we do

  • Implement the latest tools and evolving strategies

  • Design and develop event apps, lead scanners, and on-demand badge printing

  • Recommend and explore wearables for data management

  • Set-up A/R for audience engagement and uncommon experiences


Signage and Branding


OUR Approach

Not sure what’s too much and what’s too little? We’ll be your guides. Even better: we’ll set up branding solutions that are budget and environmentally friendly.

What we do

  • Create a brand plan that includes signage, clings, banners, gobos, stage backdrops, and more

  • Recommend fun and unique logo placement on snacks, beverages, 3D icons, and more

  • Propose smart sign strategies that are reusable, budget friendly, and gentle on the environment




OUR Approach

Attendees come to an event because the content is interesting, but we know that they stay for the food. We only work with the most talented caterers to craft a menu that fits your theme and budget. It may just be the best meal you’ve ever had at an event.

What we do

  • Select talented caterers to create a menu that appeals to all senses

  • Plan delicious food in a delightful presentation

  • Connect you with our most trusted caterers, with an option for every bottom line

  • Lend our knowledge of the latest trends and vendors who can offer memorable experiences


Sponsorship and Exhibitor Management


Our Approach

Sponsors are invaluable revenue generators and event supporters—they deserve extra attention! We’ll handle the details to ensure that your sponsors receive a great return on their investment; freeing you to engage with even more supporters.

What we do

  • Strategically lay out floor plans for the best guest experience

  • Handle all sponsor communications and needs once booked

  • Make sure sponsors have great brand visibility digitally; both in advance and onsite


Venue Selection


Our Approach

Picking a venue is more than just picking a pretty place for your event. We know the hidden gems in town as well as the lemons disguised as the must-have spot. We’ll also consider details like parking, security needs, and hidden costs at every site visit—spilling all the beans on what a venue coordinator might not tell you.

What we do

  • Find the perfect location for you

  • Understand the hidden prices (so you don’t have to)

  • Show you the benefits of blank canvases vs. full-service properties, of hotels vs. piers or pavilions

  • Negotiate contracts and all the required vendors, insurance requirements, union regulations, permit requirements, and so much more


On-site Staffing


Our Approach

When you’re hosting your event, the last thing you want to do is load a late presenter’s presentation on a laptop moments before they step on stage, keep your eye out for wayward attendees who overindulged at the bar, or answer the same questions over and over. That’s why we provide excellent event staff—hand selected and trained by us—to be your on-site support.

What we do

  • Notice problems before they arise

  • Place staff strategically at every turn to ensure full coverage

  • Provide fantastic temp staff and volunteer training; ensuring your attendees are greeted with a smile and are offered solutions to every inquiry

  • Eliminate lines, help attendees find their way, keep rooms tidy, start and end sessions on time, care for exhibitors, and handle vendors


Ready to chat?

Ready to chat? We recommend you bring goggles—sparks tend to fly.